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SGW08 Smart Irrigation Timer Automatic Irrigation Timer Zigbee Draining Valve for Horticultural irrigation

Product material: ABS+anti-UV
Product size: 141.3*77.8*57.6mm
Packing size: 151*125*60mm
Product weight: 420g (470g including packaging)
Packing information: 520*320*330mm 40pcs
Power supply mode: 4*AA alkaline batteries
Control type: Dual zone independent control
Thread type: NH3/4’’ American standard; BSP 3/4” Transmission distance: The distance between Bluetooth and the gateway is 15M, remote control by mobile phone!
APP: Smart life
Standby time: more than 6 months
Transmission distance: open distance 15M
Compliance certification: FCC ID /CE RED/RoHS/IPX5
  • SGW08

  • Inhocon

  • IPX5

  • BT

  • ABS

  • 3-6Month

7Lawn watering, potted drip irrigation, swimming pool water storage, atomization cooling


1. Temporary watering, you can set the watering time

2. Last watering time display

3. The start time of the next timing plan (due to the complexity of the timing, there is no time for the next watering, and it may be added later through an upgrade)

4. Manual weather delay, automatic weather delay

5. Ordinary timed watering at a single point in time

6. Cycle timing Watering in a certain period of time

7. Watering record (the watering record may be lost if the mobile phone is not connected for a long time)

8. The product setting is simple. Compared with the traditional water valve, the product setting operation is simple

9. The timing program can continue to run without connecting to the gateway or mobile phone

10. According to the local weather, the water valve automatically delays watering (gateway is required), and the weather delay can also be set manually

11. The timing program is flexible, and customers can set multiple groups of timing according to the usage scenarios, up to 15 groups

12. Connect the gateway and cooperate with the humidity sensor (for example: soil detector) to do scene linkage

13. The product sales method is flexible, and can be sold with a gateway or a single water valve

14. Timing can choose week mode, which is more humanized

15. Loop timing, can run in a time period

16. The running time is as small as 1 minute, suitable for drip irrigation and spraying scenarios

17. The shell is made of anti-UV material, which will not deform or crack under high temperature

18. The magnetic valve has good sealing performance, no water leakage and stable performance

SGW08 1SGW086

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