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  • Q The question that may occur when operating the water timer.

    A 1. Why does the water valve not water?
    1.1 Please check whether the faucets are all turned on.
    1.2 Please check whether the water pressure is sufficient (when the water pressure is small, the valve will respond, but the water output is small).
    1.3 Please check whether there is any foreign matter blocking on the filter screen of the valve head (after the foreign matter is blocked, the water intake will be reduced).
    1.4 Please check whether the battery power is sufficient (after entering the low power, the product cannot be used).
    1.5 The water pipe at the end of the water valve is long, the opening time period, if there is no water out of the water outlet, please check or operate:
    1. Open the faucet fully; 2. Remove the water pipe at the end of the timer; 3. Turn on the timer manually and check whether there is water flowing out of the water outlet; 4. If there is no water, check the water pressure and water quality; if there is water, Need to check the condition of the end water pipe.
    2. Why does the APP control not respond?
    1. If it is a single Bluetooth model. Please check the distance between the phone and Bluetooth, there may be a delay or no response after control. If there is a response on the APP, but the magnetic valve does not act, handle it according to Q1.
    2. If it is a gateway model, please check the distance between the gateway and the router, and whether the distance between the gateway and the water timer is OK.
    3. Why doesn't it work when the time comes?
    1. For smart models, the set start time and current time are too long, and the scheduled task will reach the start time before it is sent to the device.
    2. The rain delay is enabled on the device. During the delay time, the scheduled task does not work.
    3. Hardware damage.

    4. Why does the ALEXA control not respond?
    1. Alexa must be connected to a gateway. If there is no gateway, voice control is not supported.
    2. The water timer is associated with the gateway, but it may actually be connected to the mobile phone (please disconnect the mobile phone Bluetooth, and then execute the voice command).
    3. The voice command is wrong.
    4. Please confirm whether the smartlife APP is bound to the Alexa skill.
    5. Why is power consumption so fast?
    1. Water enters the product and the hardware is damaged.
    2. Frequent switching times of the product.
    The smart water timer goes online and offline frequently, and the power consumption increases.
    6. The water timer cannot be turned off?
    1. There are foreign objects and grease in the water quality, which causes the internal diaphragm of the magnetic valve to not be fully closed.
    2. Insufficient power, the solenoid valve does not respond.
    3. Internal damage to the solenoid valve.
    4. The solenoid valve line is not connected.
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